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Doing what everyone else does is easy. And meaningless.

Doing something because it worked before, or because someone else is doing it, is a logical and rational decision. But human behavior is seldom logical or rational, it’s emotional. When our brain has seen something before, it learns to tune it out. Been there. Done that.

But when we do something different, unconventional, even subversive — something that contrasts what everyone else is doing — our brains can’t help but notice it. And when it notices, change can happen. Creativity is all about finding new ways to communicate familiar ideas and concepts.

If you’re an organization genuinely trying to create awareness and action, creative solutions are the only ones that stand a chance. What’s already been done has already been done. What worked in the past isn’t an indicator it’ll work again — in fact, it might be the best indicator that it won’t.

We started Coin in 2020 as a side gig, took it full-time in late 2023, and have been focused on building our agency the right way: Helping organizations get noticed and make change through ethical operations, subversive creative, and meaningful communication. In a very short time, we've become the region's most award-winning agency, accumulating more than 250 Telly, ADDY, and AMA Marketing Excellence Awards, including three Special Judges Honors at local and national levels, one People's Choice award with three nominations over four years, and a Best of Show nod, for work spanning naming, branding, advertising and marketing campaigns, digital display, social media, outdoor and environmental, illustrations, copywriting, art direction, TV and long-form video, photography, radio, and web, for clients — and even other agencies — all over the United States and Canada. There's so much we're proud of, yet we're still just getting started.

Hell, we don't even have a website yet.

— Abbie Sears & Erick Worrell
Co-Owners, Coin Creative

Illustrations of Abbie and Erick
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